Notice: Our original stock manufacturers and suppliers for Creativity Storefront have been forced to ban us due to demands by PayPal.
(PayPal are an unlawful, obnoxious, company that discriminates against many people and will rip you off.)

However, despite the numerous attempts to shut us down Creativity Storefront continues.

This website is Under Reconstruction and new suppliers have already been sourced.

Unfortunately, we no longer have the facilities for you to open your own store, but you may contact us with your own custom designs.

All order requests can be made via

Available From Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M.E.
P.O. Box 420 Oaklands Park, S.A. 5046 Australia
Ask for postage costs prior to placing order

The Little White Book 40th Anniversary Edition: $20
The Creativity Alliance Members’ & Supporters’ Handbook: $15

Creator Flags 6x4 (feet): $35

Creativity Alliance Cloth Patches: $7
Church Logo Cloth Patches: $7

Custom Orders and Delivery by Arrangement